For Parents, Grandparents, and Caregivers looking

to learn, grow and thrive together in 2018.

Healthy Kids

Building Immunity

February 21 , 7-9pm

Don’t hide your family away this winter. Help your kids to get through the cold and flu season (and every season) as healthy as possible. Talk to experts, make a healthy alcohol free hand sanitizer with essential oils, learn recipes and remedies to boost kids immune system before they get sick.

Happy Kids

Kids and Technology

March 14 , 7-9pm

Discuss how to navigate the world of Technology with young kids in tow. Learn tips, tricks, and tools that are on your side. Talk to experienced parents who are blazing the technology trail. Learn what you should avoid and ways to manage your families’ experience so that you AND the kids are happy.

Healthy Families

Changing Family Dynamics 

April 11 , 7-9pm

A family is made when a baby is born. But a family is also changed forever when each new generation comes along. This multigenerational discussion workshop will explore how to resolve conflict and make the most of the new roles we all take on when a new generation joins the fold.

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