Waiting for the Light

A Journey through Lent to the Cross

Lent has been observed for centuries in various forms by Christians worldwide.  It’s a 40 day period of self-examination and repentance beginning on Ash Wednesday and ending on Easter Sunday.  While we are not a liturgical church, many of those who are a part of Koinos still incorporate these ancient spiritual practices into their lives and have found them to be deeply meaningful.  

This year we’re going to be offering two opportunities to gather together. Whether this is a practice you’ve observed all your life, or you’re curious to experience something new, we invite you to join us. If you would like to have a guide for each day of Lent, we found an inexpensive resource some of us will be using.


Ash Wednesday

February 14th at 7pm 

Good Friday Service

March 3oth at 7pm

Services will be led by a team of everyday folks–not pastors. They will include prayer, meditation, silence and scripture reading.  As always, the atmosphere will be casual and friendly.